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Unity and long-term experience in our work brought together a real team with the aim of developing a unique menu in Tallinn. The service staff is professionally prepared and, in turn, talented. The best that can be for us - Your feeling of fullness in harmony with a good mood!

Stefanos A.​  - HEAD COOK


STEFANOS A. Stefanos has cooked in the world's best restaurants and moved to Estonia to surprise the people of the Nordic countries with the knowledge and skills he has accumulated over the years.


Being a great professional in preparing seafood and Greek cuisine dishes, he sticks to his standards when surprising the customers of the Noy Grill & Lounge restaurant.


Most of his dishes are unique both in Estonia and abroad. As the head chef of Noy Grill & Lounge, Stefanos is ready to delight you with his culinary knowledge and skillful technique.

Katerina A.​ - COOK

Katarina is a Georgian woman who has traveled all over the world and studied with the world's best chefs. He is on our team to ensure that your dishes are delivered to the table with care.


His goal is to find a common language with every customer of Noy Grill & Lounge. Katerina loves her work and shares her love and positivity with everyone.



"Always there and with love" - this is the sentence that best describes Tatev. He gives 100% in everything he does and always has a positive attitude towards life. Tatev is very careful and precise with each customer and creates peace, coziness and harmony at your table. You can find out how he does it by visiting the NOY Grill & Lounge restaurant.



Deniss is a benevolent young man with a big heart. In the field of service, he is a real talent and makes every customer smile, injecting them with positivity for the whole day. Our young service talent is always willing to help to make the right decision when ordering food or wine and can make every visit to the restaurant nice, pleasant and memorable.

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