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NOY products are handcrafted according to traditional recipes. Our main goal is to develop restaurant quality products. By doing the work we love, we try to bring a piece of love to you as well.

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NOY Hinkals


100% handmade Georgian hinkals we offer:

- with homemade minced meat (minced pork and beef),

- with minced lamb

- vegan with "minced meat"

- with a pumpkin

- with potatoes and mushrooms

- with avocado

NOY Honey

NOY Honey beer

Our hardworking bees have collected the best honey for the wonderful Noy beer, to fill your day with unforgettable pleasures.


Years of smooth cooperation between beekeepers and beer brewers offers a perfect beer with the taste of natural honey made according to the original recipe in this bottle, which is enchanted by the best Estonian beekeeping and brewing traditions.


NOY Grill


Invaluable experience, the roots of which go back to the XX century. at the end of the century, can rightfully call Noy Restoran the founder of Armenian shashlik.


To achieve perfect taste and quality, only fresh and natural products, traditional marinade recipes and a sea of unconditional love are used! The combination of all these ingredients makes the food taste great!

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